The Future of Web Development: A Developer’s Perspective

The person who develops and maintains the important foundation of a website is known as a web developer. To transform the web design into a usable website, a web developer uses coding languages like PHP, JavaScript, Python and HTML. 

What does a web developer do?

Making websites is a web developer’s job. Many web developers are also in charge of the website’s speed and capacity, even if their primary responsibility is to make the website visually attractive and simple to browse. 

Moreover, mobile applications development, for iOS or Android, is a specialty area for web developers and software engineers. Indeed, a web developer can create mobile apps in the same way that they do for the web.

Future scope of web development

The development of content management systems (CMS) and server-side scripting, as well as web markup and code, are all included in the scope of web development. Other related development activities include e-commerce development, server-side scripting, server and network security configurations, and e-commerce development. 

If you are a skilled web development professional, you will have several work options. We don’t think that’s asking too much for a respectable job, but you might need to add one or two new abilities to your resume. These are some potential job paths:

Full stack developers

The creation of software, the web, and applications requires the expertise of full stack engineers, who are highly skilled experts in these domains. These technical specialists are capable of writing code for both the front end and the back end, involving a broad overview of the complete platform.

A full-stack engineer is a highly skilled software engineer who develops, tests, and deploys several software applications. They lead coding teams and create scalable software, applications, and online services.

Front-end developer

Ensuring that website visitors may readily interact with the page is the main responsibility of a front end developer. In order to code a website’s look and handle debugging, they combine programming, design, and technology.

The section of websites and online apps that users view and interact with is built by a front-end developer. Using web languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, a front-end developer develops websites and apps that people can access and utilize.

Back-end developer

Those that employ the technology needed to create the products for any website’s backend are known as backend developers. Building a software application’s framework is the responsibility of a backend developer.

The professionals that manage and construct the technology that allow websites to handle data and carry out operations are basically back-end developers. In contrast to front-end developers, who are in charge of everything you can see, back-end developers work on server-side responsibilities including data storage and security can be seen on a website.

Senior web developer

Senior web designers design websites, build, and optimize the websites and other online applications. They frequently collaborate with a group of novice web developers and are knowledgeable about programming languages and SEO best practices. And, they could work for an organization as employees or as independent contractors. 

Moreover, They are responsible for planning, creating, and improving websites and other apps on the corporate website. Senior web developers must be knowledgeable about web pages building, SEO techniques, and computer programming.

Software engineer

A software engineer is a person who uses the concepts of software engineering to design, build, maintain, test, and review computer software. To satisfy the needs of their clients, they are in charge of designing and creating efficient software solutions. The majority of software engineers have a specific area of expertise. They may be in charge of developing everything from operating systems and databases to web applications and content management systems.

Career in web development

To build websites, web developers may work alone as independent contractors or in teams within organizations. These specialists may concentrate on front-end development, which entails creating websites and content, or back-end development, which is developing code to implement website functionality. there are lot of opportunities in IT companies in Nepal.

The duties of a web developer often consist of:

  • Develop and keep up software communication that the entire organization can use.
  • Work with graphic and website designers, keep track of website traffic, fix issues as they come up, and upgrade websites as needed.
  • controlling and adding information to websites
  • making use of off-page SEO (search engine optimisation)

Web developers in Nepal have strong employment prospects. Due to the country’s rising internet and mobile device usage, there is an increasing need for web developers. Developers are generating possibilities in Nepal while working as independent contractors on overseas projects. The monthly pay for web developers in Nepal ranges from NRs. 20k to NRs. 100k. (Based on the experience and the position.) 

Skills required for a web developer

The most used markup language in the world, HyperText Markup Language (HTML), must be learned by front-end web developers. HTML is a reasonably easy language to learn compared to others like Python and JavaScript. Declarative markup languages include HTML.

The most often used programming languages in web development include JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and others, despite the fact that there are many other types of computer languages. According to Statista, over 65% of developers worldwide use JavaScript. 

There’s huge scope and a great future of web development in Nepal as well. Here are a few basic web development skills required to be an excellent web developer; 

  • knowledge about computers
  • outstanding math skills
  • powerful creativity
  • Observation of details
  • powerful communication abilities
  • excellent ability to solve problems
  • a methodical approach to the job
  • the capacity to properly describe technological concepts
  • a strong desire for technology

Moreover, For each web developer, a wide range of skills are a need in order to properly complete the technical requirements of your work.  Depending on whether you are a full-stack, frontend, or backend developer, they might be slightly different. Similarly, These are the technical knowledge you have acquired via school and training.

Online presence

Online presence is the whole existence of a company or person that can be located online through searches. A company may have an online presence through its website, social media accounts, articles in online journals, affiliations in organizations with online directories, and other means. 

Similarly, The simplicity with which a business can be found when a customer conducts an internet search for relevant keywords or the variety of virtual “touchpoints” they can interact with to learn more about your brand, goods, and services are two ways to measure a business’s online presence.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The term “Internet of Things” (IoT) refers to a network of physical items, or “things,” that have sensors, software, and other technologies built into them in order to connect to and use the internet to communicate with other systems and devices and exchange data. Moreover, the internet of things allows an otherwise inactive object to be enhanced with a sensor that can assess environmental conditions, generate related data, and communicate it through a communications network. Examples of such inert objects include roofs, plant electronic systems, vehicles, lighting, etc.

Motion UI

For fast producing CSS transitions and animations, use the Motion UI Sass package. This code was initially packaged with Foundation for Apps, but we’ve improved it, turned it into its own library, and made it open-sourced in advance of the release of Foundation for Sites 6. 

Similarly, Motion UI streamlines operations and encourages dialogue. It improves communication and reduces suddenness. To avoid irking the user for an extended period of time, the UI must be placed in motion at the appropriate moment and location. Make sure the UI animation isn’t too long such that the user feels it is slowing their flow.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) describes how machines, particularly computer systems, simulate the skills of AI. We use AI in a variety of applications, including expert systems, NLP, voice recognition, and machine vision.

Moreover, it allows machines to learn from their mistakes, adjust to new inputs, and execute tasks that people do (AI). Similarly, Deep learning and natural language processing are predominantly utilized in the majority of AI instances. For example, self-driving vehicles and chess-playing computers.

While web and application development, AI is able to adjust to website users’ choices and customize material to their tastes. web designers add this feature to their websites. 

This way, web developers may enhance the user experience for each visitor. In social networks, AI provides recommendations for users to follow in order to enhance their experience.


In conclusion, The person who creates and maintains a website’s framework is a web developer. The development of content management systems (CMS) and server-side scripting, as well as web markup and code, are all included in the scope of web development. Web developers in Nepal have strong employment prospects. Due to the country’s rising internet and mobile device usage, there is an increasing need for web developers.

For each web development profession, a wide range of skills are a need in order to properly complete the technical requirements of your work. These are the technical knowledge you have acquired via school and training.

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